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Features of The Sponsorship Program...

In-Home Demonstration Rights

The ability to market one’s products within a Street of Dreams home is a valuable feature of the sponsorship program, since only builders, architects, interior designers, furniture stores and Sponsors are provided access to the “Street” for purposes of marketing their products and services. One-on-one contact with event attendees can enhance product awareness more effectively than any other marketing method.

Advertisement In The Street of Dreams Magazine

Sponsors receive space for a four-color display ad in the high quality Street of Dreams Magazine. The size of the ad varies with each Sponsorship packages. The magazine is hand-delivered to every attendee and is free with the purchase of an admission ticket. Each issue combines floor plans and renderings of the homes, information about the development, articles of interest and advertisements from local and national suppliers, plus other event-related information. Sponsors are listed on the sponsor acknowledgment page, and title sponsors have their logos on the magazine’s cover. The publication has an extremely long shelf life.

Media Advertising

An aggressive marketing campaign, utilizing print advertising, electronic media, online ads and publicity to promote each Street of Dreams event. Through cross-promotions and media cooperations, this budget is effectively doubled, guaranteeing an average “reach” of 45% of each metro area’s audience approximately 18 times during the event. Sponsor can be included in a portion of the local advertising buy in accordance with the size of sponsorship purchased. Past experience has shown this to be an extremely effective means of expanding public awareness of a supplier’s name, product and participation in the Street of Dreams.

Exhibitor Marketing Area

Official Sponsors will have the opportunity to utilize a marketing area to showcase the particular features and benefits of the supplier’s product or service. Strict guidelines for displays have been established to guarantee a quality environment for both suppliers and event attendees. As a Sponsor, you are the only supplier who is allowed signage and on-site representation. The exhibitor area is an excellent opportunity to expand one’s customer base, promote a manufacturer or local distributor, and distribute brochures.

In-House Signage

Signs identifying the Sponsor may be placed next to Sponsors product(s) in every home.

On-Site Signage

All receive a 2’x2’ sign placed prominently on-site acknowledging the sponsor’s participation.

Sponsor Acknowledgement Page

Street of Dreams, Inc. will formally acknowledge supplier on a special Sponsorship Acknowledgement page within the magazine.

Tickets to Show/Special Events

All Sponsors will be given Daily and Master Passes. Sponsors also receive invitations to the
V.I.P. Opening Night party.

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