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The following report details results of the latest exit polls conducted on site at our unique luxury lifestyle events.

Summary: 60% of Street of Dreams attendees are between the ages of 25-54. Most showgoers are highly educated and have earned a university degree. The overwhelming majority own their own homes and they come to the show to get ideas for a new home or to enhance their present lifestyle. Because of the wide variety of lifestyle features on display at a Street of Dreams event, 95% of our showgoers would be interested in attending another Street of Dreams in their area. Here are the specifics.;


Street of Dreams Magazine

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Street of Dreams Magazine:
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Who Goes to the Street of Dreams?

  • 30% of Street of Dreams attendees are between 35-44 years of age. 27% are between 45-54 years of age, and 21% are between 25 and 34.
  • Over half of our attendees come with one other person, 47% with their spouse. Only 5% come alone.
  • In markets where Street of Dreams is repeating, nearly 50% of our showgoers have been to a Street of Dreams event before.
  • A whopping 90% of attendees feel the show has meet or exceeded their expectations and 95% would recommend attending a Street of Dreams to others.

What is Their Level of Income and Education?

  • 70% of Street of Dreams showgoers have attended school at the university level and have obtained a degree.
  • 40% have obtained a graduate degree.
  • 75% of our showgoers have household incomes over $50,000
  • 26% have yearly incomes over $100,000.

Where do They Live Now?

  • 81% of Street of Dreams showgoers have a detached single-dwelling home.
  • 84% of attendees own their own residence.
  • 62% are considering redecorating and upgrading and 50% of our showgoers find their remodeling and redecorating ideas changed after seeing the show.

How Do They Use Show Ideas?

  • 55% of attendees are looking for home decorating ideas.
  • 44% are looking for new lifestyle products - everything from Audiovisual advances and "Intelligent Houses" to home exercise equipment, pool and fountain design...exciting high-end technology of all kinds.
  • A strong 21% of showgoers are interested in building a new home and 41% are interested in working with an interior designer to help them either in a new home or in an existing home they are remodeling.
  • Whether showgoers are interested in building new homes, improving existing residences or upgrading their lifestyles with products and services, 40% say they are likely to contact Street of Dreams suppliers or subtrades.

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